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Assalamualaykum Warahmatullah!

Welcome to Masjid At-Tawba, Eden Prairie, MN

Ramadan Announcement

Considering the international moon sighting, the first day of Ramadan, will be Inshallah 29th of June 2014.  Taraweeh will start Inshallah on Saturday June 28th after Isha.

Friday Halaqa will be held tonight at 8 PM.


Weekly Activities:

(full prayer schedule)

1. Jummah Khutbah 1:15pm


2. Fajr Halaqa

Short Khatira after Salatul Fajr: Study of Book Bahjat An Nufus explation of the Summary of Saheeh Al Bukhari by Abu Jamra Al Andalusi.


3. Taraweeh and Daily Khatira ( Short Halaqa )

InshaAllah, we will have Salaatul Taraweeh after Salatul Isha. There will be short Khatira after the first 4 rakaa


4. Iftaar

InshaAllah, we will have Iftaar at the masjid daily. Please come with your families and share in the blessings of breaking the fast together as a community.

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